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    kick the chair

    1) megadeth in yakında çıkacak olan albumundeki mükemmel parça. http://www.megadeth.com dan indirilebilir. dave mustaine in solorlarla yardığı bir çalışma. sözleri ise

    kick the chair
    dawn breaks evenly today
    on the truth and the lie
    all rise, court's in session
    we're hanging someone high

    justice means nothing today
    now that the courts are for sale
    pick a crime from the menu, pick a sentence and defend you
    and pay up the down payment called bail
    the system's for sale

    kick the chair, the rope's tight
    just like one quick wrench, the tooth is out
    friend or foe, i gotta hang 'em dead
    or they'll come back around
    kick it!

    the court's wrong when it keeps track
    of victories and defeats
    the press that never rest just waits
    for somebody's soul they can eat

    justice means nothing today
    now that the jury's for sale
    guilty or not, the verdict's a lie
    you're going to jail
    the system has failed

    şeklinde. megadeth hayranlarının muhakkak dinlemesi gereken bir parça.

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