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  1. from my homeland - gündelik anlamları...

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    from my homeland

    1) lousnak albumunden bir parca.

    from my homeland

    i'm far away from my homeland
    i'm a poor, nomad, i have no home
    from my dear mother i'm separated
    sad and fearful i cannot rest

    ah! your image, your sweet voice
    i miss you, dear mother
    how i'd like to become a dream
    and fly to you, dear mother

    when your deep sleep stretches through the silent night
    i embrace your soul, i kiss you
    i touch your heart with all the yearning i have for you
    i laugh, i cry, dear mother

    birds are coming from the mountains
    'ah! haven't you seen my mother?'
    strong winds are blowing from the sea
    'ah! did you bring me her greetings?'

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