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  1. the golden path - gündelik anlamları...

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    the golden path

    1) çok şahane bir klibe sahip chemical brothers şarkısı

    as i walked along
    the supposed golden path
    i was confronted
    by mysterious spectre
    he pointed to the graveyard
    over on yonder hill
    i paused and caused reflection
    confused on wondering
    of how i came to die
    i was confused
    coz if i was dead
    how and why did i die
    and i composed myself
    and decided i should face it

    then i stood paralized
    on the supposed golden path
    and i was confronted
    by powerful demon force
    and there was the devil
    and we spoke his words
    flowed like glowing lava from the mouth of a volcano
    and i said:
    help me, lord!!
    i found myself in some kinda hell
    but i did not believe in heaven and hell

    world ??? opposites kind of reality
    but i gained control of myself
    and decided to press on

    as i walked along
    the supposed golden path
    i was trembling with fear
    all the lions and the wizards yet to come
    i seen in the distance
    silver mountains rising high in the clouds
    and a voice from above did whisper
    some shining answer from the moon

    please forgive me
    i never meant to hurt you

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