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  1. i know what it is to be young - gündelik anlamları...

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    i know what it is to be young

    1) orson welles'in yazdigi ve sarkilastirilan siir:

    when we are young age has no meaning
    i never gave it a second thought
    until one day along came this old man
    and this is what he said to me
    yes this is what he said to me

    i know what it is to be young
    but you, you don’t know what it is to be old
    someday you’ll be saying the same thing
    time takes away so the story is told
    i have so many questions
    for the wise man i met
    couldn’t find all the answers
    no one has theirs as yet
    there’ll be days to remember
    full of laughter and tears
    after summer comes winter
    so go the years
    so my friend let’s make music together
    i’ll play the old while you sing me the new
    in time when your young days are over
    there’ll be someone sharing their time with you

    2) yine yapraklar dusecek, yine mevsimler donecek.
    giden gencligimiz geri donmeyecek.

    yildirim gurses'in soyledigi bu sarki da buna yakindi.

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