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  1. weak - gündelik anlamları...

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    1) ing. zayıf

    2) only for the weak

    3) skunk anansie parçası. sözü sağlam,ruhu sağlamlara..

    lost in time i can`t count the words
    (i) said when i thought they went unheard
    all of those harsh thoughts so unkind
    `cos i wanted you

    (and) now i sit here i`m all alone
    so here sits a bloody mess, tears fly home
    a circle of angels, deep in war
    `cos i wanted you

    weak as i am, no tears for you
    weak as i am, no tears for you
    deep as i am, i`m no ones fool
    weak as i am

    so what am i now but loves last home
    i`m all of the soft words i once owned
    if i opened my heart, there`d be no space for air
    `cos i wanted you

    in this tainted soul
    in this weak young heart
    am i too much for you

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