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    bards song

    1) ing . ozanlarin şarkisi

    blind guardianin en guzel albumu olan the forgotten thales in en kral parcasi olan bards song in the forest
    her gencin dinlemesi gerek mukemmel bir slow calisma ayriyetende ...

    now you all know
    the bards and their songs
    when hours have gone by
    i'll close my eyes
    in a world far away
    we may meet again
    but now hear my song
    about the dawn of the night
    let's sing the bards' song
    tomorrow will take us away
    far from home
    noone will ever know our names
    but the bards' songs will remain
    tomorrow will take it away
    the fear of today
    it will be gone
    due to our magic songs
    there's only one song
    left in my mind
    tales of a brave man
    who lived far from here
    now the bard songs are over
    and it's time to leave
    noone should ask you for the name
    of the one
    who tells the story
    tomorrow will take us away
    far from home
    noone will ever know our names
    but the bards' songs will remain
    tomorrow all will be known
    and you're not alone
    so don't be afraid
    in the dark and cold
    'cause the bards' songs will remain
    they all will remain
    in my thoughts and in my dreams
    they're always in my mind
    these songs of hobbits, dwarves and men
    and elves
    come close your eyes
    you can see them, too

    2) devami olarak nitelendirilen birde the hobbit parcasi vardir . ayni ismi tasimaktadir . biraz daha sertidir .

    out in the distance
    there's so much gold
    treasure that i've found
    is more than enough
    far to the hill we've to go
    over the mountain and seas
    to the old hill
    where the old dragon sleeps
    blind in the dark dungeon's night
    so god please take me away from here
    and gollum shows the way right out
    i'm alive
    the dying dragon brought trouble and pain
    and horror to the halls of stone
    i'll take the mighty stone
    and leave the dwarves behind
    ice and fire and forest we passed
    and horror in the halls of stone
    trolls in the dark
    the dawn took them all
    caught in the wood
    by the wooden kings' men
    but now i'm alone
    'cause i've made up my mind
    by the spell of gold
    the king under mountain
    will risk the great war
    oh what a fool
    he's losing control
    so i am trying to find a way
    blind in the dark dungeon's night
    then darkness comes from the northern side
    and thorin clears his mind

    3) the bards song in the forest
    the bards song the hobbit

    4) konser kaydi mutlaka dinlenmelidir .

    5) kanımca güzel olmayan ama baya bi sevilen ve dinlenilen şarkı..

    6) forgotten tales'deki kalabalığın bir agızdan soyledigi kısım tuyleri diken diken yapar, insanda konsere gidip coşma istegi uyandırır

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