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  1. falling again - gündelik anlamları...

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    falling again

    1) lacuna coil in falling adli parcanin yeni versiyonu , remix te denebilir sozleri birbirine cok yakindir . falling den biraz daha hostur girişleri farklidir . mutlaka dinlenmesi gerekmektedir .

    sozleri :

    i lay, looking at my hands
    i search in these lines
    i've not the answer
    i'm crying and i don't know
    watching the sky
    i search for an answer
    i'm free, free to be
    i'm not another liar
    i just want to bee myself... myself
    and now the beat inside of me
    is a sort of a cold breeze and i've
    never any feeling inside
    ruining me...
    bring my body
    carry it into another world
    i know i live... but like a stone i'm falling down
    i pray, looking into the sky
    i can feel this rain
    right now it's falling on me
    fly, i just want to fly
    life is all mine
    some days i cry alone,
    but i know i'm not the only one
    i'm here, another day is gone
    i don't want to die...?
    please be there when i'll arrive, don't cry... please

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