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  1. little victory - gündelik anlamları...

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    little victory

    1) 2002 tarihli amaran albümü a world depraved'ten dinlenesi bir çalışmadır.
    "maybe it's the sound of pouring rain that we love
    maybe it's the sound of running water

    i like the way that it feels on my skin, keep pouring
    what's your war about anyway
    a little victory over me
    a little victory over me to tear me down

    tear me down, rip me open, break me down

    this is a little victory

    never try to make you happy
    never fail to make you cry

    don't close your righteous eyes, keep preaching
    you're not the only one anyway
    to try and change me into you
    while i'm the one in power to tear you down

    tear you down, rip you open, break you down"

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