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  1. my sweet shadow - gündelik anlamları...

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    my sweet shadow

    1) aşmış in flames parçası. soundtrack to your escape albümünde bulunur. altıncı parçadır.

    2) in flames e ait olan bir şarki, live versionu ise süper, bomba gibi, yeme yaninda yat cinsinden... sözleri şöyledir;
    i'm selling heavenly sketches
    a world out of my mind
    ready to explode in purity
    to fill the wholes inside

    an ever moving stream
    with glowing rays of light
    emotions tied to past lies
    and i know i should let go

    i found a flame in the burnt out ashes... burn out, burn out
    tamed with confidence of a brighter future

    fueled these new shores burn
    dark past lies cold
    shadow, my sweet shadow
    to you i look no more

    another dawn collapses
    do i need to be reminded?
    a glimpse of my safe home
    a path to hide all anger

    in circles i catch
    a torch carried by the immortal
    from depths that i created
    in vain ecoes fade

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