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  1. satan - gündelik anlamları...

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    1) eski türkçede bacak, bütün but..

    2) saticilara verilen kisaltma.

    3) running wildın gates to purgatory albümünde yer alan harika şarkisi:


    night is on the city, street lights are burning bright
    pest and sulphur in the air, claiming end of life
    out of dark valleys and rocks comes the master of night
    praying his sacred laws, no chance for evil to hide.

    he comes with rage and thunder to break, destroys the idols and gods
    never gives, your soul he takes, just show 'em the way to hell

    six sixty six is his number, he takes the crown of earth
    his sign is the circle of the beast, destroying only the worst
    torture and pain to the badness, liberty and peace to the good
    badness is going into madness
    they wait in vain for his grace

    judgement day is here, the punishment for your deeds
    we're all the sons of satan, your soul will hell-fire feed
    nazis, moralists and conservatives are the death of the human race
    cheating for wealth, raising the badness
    they wait in vain for his grace.

    4) ks. satanist

    5) 666

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