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  1. my wings - gündelik anlamları...

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    my wings

    1) lacuna coil in 99 tarihli in a reverie albümündeki nefis çalışmasıdır."il poter volare e il desiderio piu intenso ed impossibile dell'uomo, che sicuramente non merita tale dono"-"to fly is the most intense and impossible desire of every people...but we don't deserve this gift"
    "slip out the door and fly
    i'm lost in time, i hover
    as an angel, i hover
    embracing all myself i reel
    through the storm that is shaking me
    i don't know where
    i don't know why
    i know i'm not going to fall
    and butterflies are flying (fly away)
    right beside me
    as i ascend to the clouds
    n0, i won't delay
    no, i won't delay
    time is like a knife for me now
    i just won't delay
    time is mine
    i got the blade
    change your mind
    i'll make you stay
    butterflies are flying
    and i just won't delay"

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