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  1. falling - gündelik anlamları...

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    1) sozleri, muzigi, solistin sesiyle insanı cok etkileyen, camdan dısarı bakıp yagan yagmuru izlemeye iten, yagmur yagmıyorsa bile yagıyormus gibi hayal ettiren muthis lacuna coil sarkısı.

    i stand, looking my hand
    i talk with these lines
    that's not the answer
    i cry and now i know
    looking the sky
    i search an answer
    so free, free to be
    i'm not another liar
    i just want to be myself... myself
    and now the beat inside of me
    is a sort of a cold breeze and i've
    never any feeling inside
    around me...
    i bring my body
    carry it into another world
    i know i live... but like a stone i'm falling down
    damned, looking into the sky
    i can feel this rain
    right now it's falling on me
    fly, i just want to fly
    life is all mine
    some day i cry alone,
    but i know i'm not the only one
    i see that another day is gone
    i don't wanna die...
    please be here when i'll arrive, don't die... please

    2) ayrıca pain of salvation'ın the perfect element albümünde bulunan bir enstrumental.

    3) falling away from me

    4) falling again

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