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    2 arti 2 esittir 5

    1) orjinali 2+2=5 olan, guzel bir radiohead calismasidir.


    to put the world to rights
    i'll stay home forever
    where two and two always makes a five
    i'll lay down the tracks
    sandbag and hide
    january has april showers
    and two and two always makes a five
    it's the devil's way now
    there is no way out
    you can scream and you can shout
    it is too late now
    because you're not there
    paying attention

    yeah i feel it, i needed attention
    paying attention
    yeah i need it, i needed attention
    i needed attention
    yeah i love it, the attention
    paying attention
    soon oh
    i try to sing along
    but the music's all wrong
    'cause i’m not
    i’ll swallow up flies?
    back and hide
    but i’m not
    oh hail to the thief
    but i'm not
    don't question my authority or put me in the box
    'caus i'm not
    oh go up to the king, and the sky is falling in
    but its not
    maybe not

    2) bir laz fikrasidir:

    ogretmeni idris'e 2 arti 2 kac ettigini sorar ve karsiliginda idris 5 ettigini soyler. bu sebepten dolayi sinifta kalacak idris'e ogretmeni son bir sans vermek ister ve ailesinin yaninda bir imtahan daha yapmaya karar verir.
    ogretmen, ailesinin yanindaki idris'e sorar:
    -iki arti iki kac eder?
    -dort eder ogretmenim.
    idrisin ailesi yalvarir halde:
    -n'olursun bir sans daha!!!

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