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  1. my slowing heart - gündelik anlamları...

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    my slowing heart

    1) crimson albumunun 11. ve son şarkisi.

    i gave and gave - gave all i had
    i took and took - all i could grab
    i had it all and i had none
    now the game is over and it's all gone

    my heart is worn out to keep beating
    my lungs exhausted by all this breathing
    my mind's too tired to keep grieving

    i was against and i was for
    i wanted less and wanted more
    i won i lost, i lost and won
    now it's all over and i am done

    my throat is too sore for more screaming
    my eyes too swollen for more weeping
    my wounds are too dry for more bleeding
    my blood too drained for more streaming

    my heart is slowing down

    long short is life is short and long
    strong weak am i am weak and strong
    my crop is ready for the reaping
    my being ready for releasing

    my heart is slowing down

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