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    tom violence

    1) jane's addiction lyric lerine benzeyen bir sonic youth sarkisi.bir kizin hayalinden bahsediyor ama sarki thursten moore tarafindan yazilmistir.

    my violence is a dream
    a 'real dream'
    a skinny arm
    a crush on living sin
    my violence
    is a sleeping head
    nodding out to rising bliss
    i left home for experience
    carved 'suk for honesty' on my chest
    my violence is the number
    coming out of prayer
    find it in the father
    find it in a girl

    there's a thing in my memory
    hoilding on for dear life
    with a feeling of secrets
    beating up under my flesh
    my tongue is tied
    i'm sleeping nights awake
    tom violence is a dream
    coming out of a girl

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