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    skip tracer

    1) this she did in public for us to see
    she came in here too drunk to do the show
    between the trains and cars
    broken glass and lost hub-caps, images of a gun
    row house row house pass through
    let the city rise up to fill the screen
    clothes flung out of closets, doorknobs falling off
    the guitar guy played real good feedback, and super sounding riffs
    with his mild mannered look on, yeah he was truly hip
    the girl started out in red patent leather
    very i'm in a band with knee pads
    we watch her fall over and lay down,
    shouting the poetic truths of high school journal keepers
    row house row house pass through, let the city rise up
    twister, dust buster, hospital bed, i'll see you, see you
    see you on the highway
    now we're told so merge ideas, of song forms and freedom
    miss seafood, miss cheesecake, a couple of miss donuts
    the edge of a blade pressed to the throat of your reflected image
    poised, yet totally screwed up
    yes sir, yes sir, step right up

    none of us know, where we're trying to get to
    what sort of live where we trying to build
    now we're told so merge ideas, of song forms and freedom
    seasons out of life, nothing is out of reach
    l.a. is more confusing now, than anywhere i've ever been to
    i'm from new york city, breath it out and let it in

    where are you now?
    when your broken eyes are closed
    head in a cloudy dream, green and sailboats
    borrowed and never returned
    emotions, books, outlooks on life

    hello 20 15!

    hello, 20, 15!

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