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    saucer like

    1) swirling whirling through the city of ages
    you sink a bit whenever angels fly
    do you have a feeling for their fuzzy faces?
    are you close enough to see into their eyes?

    you're magic fit and free
    taxi holds on the breeze
    a dream's a dream of feelings
    that never fall at all
    holds his thoughts in chains
    and tries to bust up the walls

    every day it's just another breath
    every night another little death
    do you scratch and itch when your head feels tight
    or wave it away and just stay out all night?

    got your head in the trees
    if that's the way you're feeling
    it's not good or bad
    channels of thought revealing now
    some things we all had

    i'm having a wonderful vision of the city today
    buildings all lined up neat on straight sun lit blocks
    avenue canyons stretch forever
    handcut panes grooved like a record
    flat bridge
    peer, boat, docks
    i'm slipping round the bottom edge [line echoes]

    do you trip and breeze
    down city streets
    just a little free
    with your head in the trees

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